GPS Logger

GPS logger
  • Small footprint (55 x 30 x 10mm)
  • Schedulable logging pattern
  • Very low power consumption (0.15mAh per logging event which gives more than 200 days @1 hour intervals from a 1000mAh battery)
  • Guide price £135+VAT

This long life GPS logger can log data over long periods at variable rates that are set using a simple text file on a uSD card. Data is logged to the uSD card using a simple CSV format that can be loaded into a spreadsheet or text editor. The logger is a recent addition to our range, and we are still improving the hardware and firmware and its capabilities, so please bear with us! Initial testing has been done on sheep in the Welsh uplands over a two month period.

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The logger is designed to be built-in to a waterproof enclosure attached to whatever is have its movements recorded. The logger has a configurable recording rate and extremely low power consumption when standing by. The logger uses a Quectel L86 GPS module and a uSD (SDHC) card (not included) to log data to. The logging schedule is controlled by editting a text file that is saved to the uSD card and read by the logger when powered on. Three separate logging schedules to be executed periodically can be set up with time periods varying between hundreds of days to continuous (1 second intervals). The logger is intended to provide standard accuracy GPS fixes which require a significant number of seconds for the GPS receiver to acquire and refine, so the minimum configurable time interval for a logging event is 1 minute, although continuous logging periods of up to 32,767 seconds can be scheduled. Under normal conditions with a clear view of the sky each single location logging event consumes approximately 0.15mAh from the battery. The board is intended to be powered from a single cell lithium polymer or lithium ion battery. Using a 2400 mAh battery logging one position every 15 minutes should result in a battery life of approximately 4 months. Using the same battery and logging one position per hour should result in a battery life of more than 12 months.

Physical considerations:

The logger comes as a naked PCB (printed circuit board) and needs to be mounted inside a suitable case or other enclosure. It requires a uSD card and a 3.7V lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery which we can supply if you request it. The PCB shouldbe protected from physical damage, water and metallic or other conductive items or surfaces that might cause electrical damage. Please ask if you need advice.


User guide can be found here: