Greenhouse Monitoring


  • Default 1 minute data interval
  • ~1 year battery life
  • Air temperature, relative humidity and light intensity
  • Optional soil temperature and soil moisture probes
  • 100 x 50 x 50mm
  • Guide price ยฃ85+VAT

Continuous, real-time monitoring of the conditions in which plants are growing in greenhouses can bring benefits in understanding how they are likley to perform as well as providing data to diagnose problems with greenhouse control systems and local variations in conditions. This is a very new product in our range and is being continually developed with new versions including CO2 and pH monitoring.

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The basic unit monitors air temperature, relative humidity and light level (in three bands). It also offers two expansion ports: one for an external 1Wire soil temperature sensor and one generic analog port intended for use with a soil moisture probe. All data is transmitted wirelessly to a central logger/base-station via 868MHz low power radio. Monitors are battery powered and have battery life of around 1 year at 1 minute transmission intervals.


The monitor is mounted in a ventilated housing and is only intended for environments where water is likely to drip from vertically above. Water sprayed or blown from the side will enter the housing and potentially damage the humidity sensor and battery. Other housings could be designed/supplied for use in more challenging environments: please ask.


User guide can be found here: